Energy Efficiency Best Practices in Data Centers

Start Time: 9/25/2019 1:15:00 PM
End Time: 9/25/2019 2:15:00 PM

The use of best practices for energy efficiency can enable many data centers to drive down energy costs without reducing reliability or availability. For example, raising temperature set points offers an opportunity for energy savings in many data centers with little or no cost, but requires coordination with IT and perhaps education of IT staff. Other measures require capital investment. One example is the use of liquid cooling, which can pay off with significant savings. This session will highlight a range of energy efficiency best practices, explain their advantages, and describe any challenges associated with them.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the opportunity to reduce energy costs in data centers
2. Learn about best practices for preventing air flow problems
3. Learn current thinking on the appropriate temperature range for data centers
4. Understand the best applications for liquid cooling

Presented by:

Vali Sorell, PE
Vice President, Chief Mission Critical Mechanical Engineer

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Room Number: Fleur de Lis

Audience: Intermediate

CEU: 1 hour

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